[Member News] Marposs Vietnam attended MTA Vietnam 2017 in HCMC

Established in 1952 in Italy, Marposs (HQ) is a leader in its sector, supplies precision gauging equipment to industries worldwide.

Marposs Vietnam started to operate in 2016 providing sales and service support of Marposs measuring products in Vietnam market. Marposs solutions are applicable both to in machine operation and post process inspection and allows to improve quality output, increase processes efficiency and to reduce costs of production.

At MTA Vietnam 2017 in HCMC (July 4-7th), Marposs introduced some Marposs high technologies solutions compatible to Industry 4.0:

• VOS, part and tool measuring systems to be used inside the machine tools: allows the inspection of complex parts and tool, guaranteeing high precision in manufacturing and less scrap.

• MMS, machine monitoring systems to be used inside a big variety of machine tools and suitable for a big variety of processes (cutting, deformation, forging...): allows to keep monitored, on real time, a manufacturing process improving efficiencies and keeping under control tool and machine conditions

• Opto Flash, a new generation of Marposs flexible solution for post process inspection, fast and high precision gauging controls for any kind of shaft, suitable to be used in the shopfloor

• Testar gauges and Marposs Measuring Software, used for post process inspection: allows to measure, qualify and manage quality statistic of production

Founded in 2005, MTA VIETNAM (MTV) plays the role as a bridge between the international manufacturing industry and the Vietnamese market. In addition to the increase in the number of foreign firms entering the potential market of Vietnam and investing resources to set up production facilities, the local business community is also striving to promote the value chain and enhacing production capacity with advanced technologies.

In the changing manufacturing landscape, MTA VIETNAM has grown to be the largest and most relevant manufacturing event in the country, bringing to the local industry the latest and greatest range of manufacturing solutions available in the global marketplace.

From 11-13 Oct, Marposs VN will be in  MTA Hanoi to promote their product in Vietnam market.

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