From April 11th to April 14th, the Aquafina Vietnam International Fashion Week (AVIFW), organized by FIDé Fashion Weeks and Multimedia JSC, took place at the Nguyen Du Indoor Stadium in Ho Chi Minh City.

Many leading Vietnamese designers presented their work at this outstanding event, alongside the excellence in Asian and International fashion. More than 50 fashion models participated in the catwalk, and the show has been broadcasted live on different channels.

With a focus on edgy, avant-garde and progressive designers, the Aquafina International Fashion Week showcased the most extensive fashion line up that have been presented in Vietnam so far.

ICHAM is glad to affirm that Italy’s presence at the Aquafina Vietnam International Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2019 has been vast and it surely increased the future opportunities of participating in such events and spreading awareness about the Italian fashion excellence.

In fact, the Puglia Region, which appears to be worldwide famous for its cuisine, wine, and fashion industry, has opened the Italian performance, and hosted the Welcome Ceremony as well. Trang Le, AVIFW President, claimed before the show: “This year, we will have a group of designers from the Puglia Region in Italy, which will ensure the fame of AVIFW to the world”.

The collection of Puglia has been represented by five Italian brands: Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Havana & Co, Elata, Latorre and Rossorame.

ICHAM is honored to have supported Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s and Havana & Co’s Spring-Summer 2019 collections, with their youthful yet luxurious appearance. The exquisite cutting lines have always been the flagship of the Italian fashion style.

The After Party has been hosted by the Consulate General of Italy and Sohy – Sky Lounge & Dining. The aim of the event was to connect the Italian participants to the Aquafina Vietnam with Vietnamese friends in fashion and f&b businesses, and to celebrate Italy as a main partner of the AVIFW. The Pendolasco – Thao Dien team and other 10 talented young chefs from Puglia catered the party.


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