National companies that intend to expand their business abroad are now facing more challenges: expensive and/or limited travel caused by Covid-19 pandemic, and the consequent difficulty to meet physically potential partners and trigger new international collaborations. While finding solutions to these challenges, EXPORLOUNGE was born.


EXPORTLOUNGE is an exclusive lounge created by SPX Lab and ICHAM to connect B2B supply and demand between Italy and Vietnam through the intermediation of ICHAM.

Let’s bring your business to the world through EXPORTLOUNGE:

  • VIRTUAL STAND: Upon registration, the platform provides a customizable virtual stand in Italy. Through this stand, business can communicate their image and products/services with potential partner.
  • ENGAGING ROOMS: The environment provides access to rooms where you can present products and services in a highly engaging and realistic way, uploading catalogues, images and videos, and creating interactive showcases through virtual reality and configurators.
  • BUSINESS MATCHING SCORE: A BMS (Business Matching Score) is assigned to establish the degree of compatibility and interaction between buyers and sellers, hosted on the platform.
  • ANALYTICS E MONITORING: Activity and performance on the platform are monitored by interaction analytics, to make the company’s digital experience even more rewarding.
  • B2B SERVICES FROM ICHAM: Business will receive direct support from The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, a unit with experience in languages, business and cultural exchange.

Special Offer: Vietnamese companies will receive FREE REGISTRATION IN 6 MONTHS!

Italian companies will receive FREE REGISTRATION IN 1 MONTHS!

After this period, you can choose to extend registration or terminate.

To receive support during the registration, kindly contact us via email

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