Dialogue between the HCMC Customs Department and the European companies

On 5 September 2018 a dialogue between the European business community and the Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department took place in HCMC. The Department has made light on many topics related to customs policies and procedures, and has also answered numerous questions from companies.

Firstly, the director of the HCMC customs Department, Dinh Ngoc Thang, informed the European companies of the application of new management programs aimed at facilitating custom procedures. The aim is to guide companies towards independent management of customs procedures, but under the advice and support of the Department.

Predictably, there have been cases of companies that took advantage of loopholes in customs procedures to violate the law. The customs office took over the cases of deliberate violation of the law.

To give an example, the Department recently prosecuted some companies that illegally imported scraps into Vietnam. “Currently, at the ports of Ho Chi Minh City more than 3,000 containers of scraps have not been cleared. They are goods of enterprises which are not granted import licenses of scraps, causing the backlogs at the ports. The customs authorities create favorable conditions for enterprises to import scraps as raw materials for production, but resolutely combat against enterprises importing scraps that do not meet the standards and affect the environment to Vietnam,” Mr. Thang added.

The HCMC Customs Department then answered about 80 questions from companies regarding customs policies and procedures.

Among the numerous questions, some have concerned the imminent signature of the EVFTA and the hypothetical changes in custom legislation; in response to this question, representatives of the HCMC Customs Department said that the content of the agreement depends on EU Member States and Vietnam. When the agreement will be implemented, the department will adapt to the new provisions.

Nicolas Audier, Co – Chairman of Eurocham Vietnam, said that this meeting helped to strengthen the link between the customs Department and the European business community. The optimization of customs procedures is indeed one of the key factors for the promotion of European trade in Vietnam.

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