Eikon Exé with Flat and Vintage controls

Devised to lend interior design projects an even more distinctive exclusiveness and a bolder identity, Flat and Vintage controls teamed with Eikon Exé cover plates are now available in new versions.

The news concern the introduction of the 4-module version and of the British Standard on both the 3 and 5 modules, but that’s not all. Indeed, all the new versions are available in the various standard finishes in the catalogue – matt white, anthracite grey, brushed nickel, brushed dark bronze and gold – with the brand new satin-finish gold finish (article code .88) which replaces the antique gold finish (article code .85).

These new variants combined with the Flat controls are designed to accommodate those in search of pure silhouettes and linear shapes. These squared and flat controls afford a pleasant effect flush with the surface to emphasise the textured appeal of the cover plate. On the other hand, the Vintage controls are dedicated to customers who prefer the mesmerising silhouettes of the past, restyling them with a modern twist, to give settings an exclusive, slightly retro style.

All these different styles share Vimar’s trademark quality Made in Italy.

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