Diving into the Italian cuisine means falling in love with one of the most used and well-known ingredients all over the world: the Olive oil. Thanks to its Mediterranean origins the olive oil has been exported everywhere around the globe as an Italian excellence. All the best Italian recipes encounter olive oil among their ingredients mainly because it contributes to the overall flavor of the dish granting a fruity, halfway between bitter and spicy taste. But it is not only for the savor that it is used in Italian dishes but also because it carries several other qualities and beneficial properties: it is a natural antioxidant, it provides emollient effects on skin, a softening efficacy on hair and it is essential for the wellbeing of the intestine and stomach.

This time at True Italian Taste special event, we will take you through a tasty tour among the delicious Italian recipes that involve olive oil with many interesting activities:

– IGP and DOP Product Authentic Made in Italy presentation

– Master class on the Olive oil & A journey through the history of Olive oil

– True Italian tasting experience