[Supported Event] Vietnam Rooftop Solar Masterclass Episode 3

Vietnam Rooftop Solar Masterclass is a series of Training Webinars, which will introduce every process from site selection, project design, finance, construction to refinance, O&M, and M&A to let you know the whole supply chain, raise your education and awareness, and how to develop a whole rooftop solar project in Vietnam.

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Episode 3: What you Need to Know about Construction and Installation of RTS Projects – EPC Contracts


This Webinar_Rooftop Solar Masterclass Episode 3 will go in details on “Rooftop Solar Construction and Installation”. On the one hand, this episode 3 will mainly focus on introduction of different EPC contracts and how to choose the right engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) or installation partners to green out Vietnam’s RTS growth path. On the other hand, speakers will analyze taxation of the EPC, which taxes apply to the payments the RTS Project company makes to the EPC provider.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:

  • Taxation: which taxes apply to the solar project?
  • Taxation of the EPC: which taxes apply to the payments the RTS project company makes to the EPC provider?
  • Legal notable for licensing procedures and performance of the EPC works of RTS projects in Vietnam

⏱Timeline of Vietnam_Rooftop Solar Masterclass:

10 Sep | Operation and Maintenance: Optimizing Plant Performance

17 Sep | RTS Refinancing in Vietnam

24 Sep | M&A for Rooftop Solar Projects

Audience members may arrive 15 minutes in advance of this time. Please kindly visit below registration link to join us.

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/3294fiL