• Date: Thursday, 16th December 2021
  • Time: 15:00 (GMT+7)
  • Fee: Free of Charge

The mission of a good business is not only to grow and create revenues, but also to do it sustainably while creating positive impacts for the ecosystem and the environment where it operates. 

The COVID – 19 pandemics has challenged substantially businesses in balancing their performance and social impacts, and pushed businesses to continuously be striving and creative if they aim to stick to their missions. 

Forbes Live under the theme Building Businesses for Positive Social Impacts held by Forbes Vietnam in a virtual format will discuss factors that enable business growth, together with common practices, experiences and initiatives to impact the society positively.

In this 90 – minute format event, leaders from large corporations with practical experiences will discuss their mindsets, approaches before and during the pandemic; their practice to sustain and grow business, while cooperating with stakeholders such as partners, clients, and communities to overcome the pandemic. They also discuss how they have been leading their organizations to accomplish goals of making positive impacts to community in the pandemic and beyond.

Main discussion points:

  • The conscious company: The rooted mindset to impact positively to the society and factors for sustainable business growth.
  • Notable trends and initiatives carried out by MCNs and Vietnamese corporations to do their businesses while attending the demand from community, society and environment.
  • The approaches toward CSR, EGS, CSV and how to integrate those frameworks in business activities.


  • Mr. Phùng Tuấn Đức, Country Manager, Gojek Việt Nam
  • Ms. Phan Tú Quyên, COO and Member of Leadership Team, Microsoft Việt Nam
  • Mandy Tran, Chief Strategy Officer, Prudential Việt Nam
  • Moderator: Ms. Lâm Ngọc Thảo, Executive Director, LIN Center for Community Development

Date and time: 15:00, December 16, 2021