[Co-host Event] WEBINAR: “Safety and legal issues amidst COVID-19 crisis”


Time: 16.00 – 17.00

Wednesday 1st April 2020 

Fee: Free of charge


Safety and business continuity planning during COVID-19: experiences from the field

Fellow Dutchman and DBAV member Björn Rambags is General Manager and Head of Pharma at Boehringer Ingelheim Vietnam (BIVN), a top 10 player in the Vietnamese innovative pharmaceutical market. Since the majority of BIVN’s staff, under non-COVID-19 circumstances, would have daily interactions with healthcare professionals in hospitals throughout Vietnam, the company has put a timely and proactive COVID-19 crisis prevention and management approach in place. In this 30 minutes interactive webinar, Björn will shine a light on the measurements that his company is taking to ensure people safety and business continuity, and will share some practical examples and approaches which can easily be translated to other business segments and companies.


  • Global, regional and local structure (3’)
  • Local crisis management process (10’)
  • Practical examples and solutions (7’)
  • Live Q&As (10’)

Contractual and employment tools in response to Covid-19 pandemic

Although lay-offs are a company’s last resort, looking forward to the uncertain future if the COVID-19 crisis stays critical like it is now, many companies will have to let go of staff. We will discuss rights and obligations of the employer here in Vietnam and also best practices. Beforehand participants to the webinar can ask questions that we will handle during the webinar.

  1.    Employee negotiations on reducing their contract and salary temporarily for as long as the crisis takes
  2.    Negotiating lay-offs and exit costs
  3.    When can this crisis be qualified as a force majeure
  4.    Rights and obligations of the employer, and best practices in Vietnam