Dear ICHAM Members and Friends,

Last May’s floods in Emilia Romagna had a devastating impact on the entire region, particularly in the Romagna area, taking a heavy toll and giving rise to an uncountable amount of challenges for the Romagna business community.

The Chamber of Commerce of Romagna, in response to this tragedy, has launched a fundraising campaign called “Resistere” with the aim of supporting the restart of businesses affected by the significant flood.

The fundraising is aimed primarily at the entrepreneurial system, both in Italy and abroad, to emphasize the social value of companies for the communities which they belong to and for the global network of markets.

ICHAM is eager to spread this initiative among our members and friends in the hope of being able to make a small contribution to alleviate the difficulties for Romagna businesses.

Below are the bank details of the current account held by the Chamber of Commerce of Romagna for any donations:

– Iban IT 22 G 03069100000300098

– Reason: Romagna flood

– BIC code: BCITITMM (for donations from abroad)

For more information, please visit the website

We appreciate your sharing and sympathy, and thank you very much.

ICHAM staff

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