How to install PC Covid Application

Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi are now slowly return to a new normal with the launch of “PC Covid” App as a unified Covid portal, providing a COVID-19 card which serves as a travel and social pass for fully COVID-19 vaccinated or recovered individuals. Along with “PC Covid”, “SSKDT” app ( electronic health records app, which serves long-term overall medical activities of users) will be used simultaneously to keep tracks of individual’s health status and their domestic travel.

Due to complications in data unification in this early stage of development, however, users of “PC Covid” are currently experiencing incorrect vaccine data and thus, it is recommended to keep using “SSKDT” until the problem of PC Covid is solved.

You can download the PC Covid application via links below and read the instruction provided.

Main features: Personal and venue QR code issuance and management; QR scanner; Medical declaration; Domestic move declaration; Citizens’ reports; Vaccination information; Test information; Covid-19 card; Close contact tracing; Move density; Infection trends will be shown.

Step 1: Download PC Covid App to your phone


Step 2: When you open the app, introduction screen will be shown with details from Agencies in charge, Operating and development unit. Click “Tiếp tục” (Next) to continue.
Step 3: Input your Mobile number to sign in the app.
  • Tick the box “Xác nhận bạn đã đọc và đồng ý với Điều khoản sử dụng” (Confirm I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions). Then tap “Tiếp tục” (Next) to continue
  • OTP code will be sent to your phone number. Input OTP then tap “Kích hoạt” (Activate) to continue

  • The system notify that you have successfully verified using OTP. Click “Đồng ý” (Agree) to continue

  • Tick the box “Đồng ý kích hoạt” (Agree to activate)
  • Tap “Tiếp tục” (Continue) to activate contact tracing functions.

  • Tick the box “Tôi đồng ý” (I agree) and press “Cấp quyền truy cập” (Allow access) to enable the application to access your Bluetooth to perform contact tracing function.

  • The screen will now displays the QR code of your data in the system, your full name, gender and birth year
  • If you have existing Bluezone app and “SSKDT”, tap the circled arrow icon to synchronize your data automatically with PC-Covid application.

Step 4: Change Setting
  • You can only change the Settings after having signed in and synchronized the information.
  • Tap to the 4-dot icon at the bottom on the right corner to see additional options.

  • Tap the gear icon to go to Settings

  • You can tap to change the language VN/EN at this step and complete the necessary Settings.