On April, 3rd and 4th, many policymakers and investors gathered in Ho Chi Minh City in order to attend The Power & Electricity Show Vietnam 2019; co-located with The Solar Show Vietnam, The Wind Show Vietnam and The Energy Storage Show Vietnam, this is the largest event dedicated to energy in the country. ICHAM is honored to have supported this important event, as the aim of The Power and Electricity Show was to raise awareness about the variety of renewable energy solutions available for all sectors.

The fair attracted power producers, project developers, renewable energy vendors, and business owners from all over the world, that wanted to discuss the latest investment and development opportunities in Vietnam’s energy sector.

Ms. Roessen, managing director of Terrapinn, organiser of the trade shows, stated that: “The future of energy in Vietnam is bright, and Vietnam looks very serious about growing the energy sector”.

In fact, Solar power is believed to play a pivotal role in the future of renewable energy in Vietnam. Alongside that, transmission lines will be upgraded to accommodate new generation capacity and smart grids are being rolled out, improving efficiency, whilst also increasing reliability. With almost 66% of the population living in rural areas, Vietnam is also scaling up its efforts to bring electricity to the entire population, preparing the country for its growth.

Major topics at the conference featured diversifying Vietnam’s energy future, whose panel was moderated by Mr. Serratto from Enel Green Power, and innovative renewable energy financing trends, among others.

In addition to the main conference, exhibitors showcased the latest technologies, ranging from home solar rooftop systems, energy storage solutions, inverters and lighting solutions to hybrid and intelligent systems and more.

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