ICHAM President at VMARK Design Sharing & Networking event

On Friday, July 3rd, 2020, the VMARK Design Sharing and Networking event “SMART DESIGN | GET CREATIVE | CHANGE IT UP” was held as part of event series of VMARK 2020. The event was attended by Mr. Dante Brandi – Consol General of Italy in HCMC, Mr. Paolo Lemma from Consulate General of Italia in HCMC and ICHAM Chairman – Mr. Michele D’Ercole.

The event featured 4 panel discussions along with a section of Q&A where audiences have effectively interacted with the panelists to find innovative ideas, creative solutions to connect and overcome challenges in this difficult period. As discussed by the panelists, even though Vietnamese government have done an excellent job in controlling the spread of this virus, the N-CoV19 have affected all industries and spare none, resulting in depressing development figures. However, the pandemic could be considered a chance for Vietnamese interior design industry to look back at the possibility of domestic market, to restructure their business model and find a more suitable, sustainable approach in the post-pandemic world.

VMARK is an annual event to be held in Vietnam with a focus on Interior design-oriented strategies, increasing the important influence of production, support design, by creating value-added for products, increasing competitive capability and by handling the challenges faced by creative entrepreneurs in the design industry.

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