11th October 2019

09:30 a.m

The Reverie Saigon

A deeper understanding of Italian cuisine means that one must love one of the most used and famous ingredients in the world: Olive Oil. Originating in the Mediterranean, olive oil in Italy has been exported everywhere around the world. Most Italian delicacies are made primarily of olive oil because it contributes to the overall taste of the dish such as a fruit platter, or a perfect combination of bitter and spicy flavors. Not only that, it also provides quality and other benefits such as: is a natural antioxidant, provides skin softening effects, provides a smooth hair and provides essential nutrients for the intestines and stomach.
This time at a special event of True Italian Taste, we will experience with you delicious recipes with Italian olive oil along with many interesting activities such as:
– Presentation on products of IGP and DOP Authentic Made in Italy
– Olive oil class & Dice Itinerary throughout its history
– Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine

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