16 - 17 Luglio 2019

Melia Hotel, HANOI

Sei una piccola o media impresa italiana che opera nel campo dell’interior design, dell’arredamento e dei materiali da costruzione?

Desideri espanderti e promuovere la tua attività presso nuovi acquirenti di 14 paesi asiatici?

Lifestyle Made in Italy è il programma ideale per te!

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July 16th and 17th saw the Third edition of Lifestyle made in Italy taking place in Hanoi.

With a now confirmed and consolidated formula, the third edition took place for the first time in Casa Italia, with the participation of ICham President Michele D’ercole and the Italian Ambassador to Vietnam Antonio Alessandro. After two successful editions in the past years, in which a total of 28 Italian exhibitors and more than  60 buyers from several Asian countries, the third edition has been reduced in scale, but not in success.

This third edition saw the participation of 3 Italian exhibitors, 3 buyers from other ASEAN countries, such as Thailand or Singapore, and 20 Vietnamese buyer. The diversity of the products presented by the exhibitors, ranging from high class designed glass to interior furniture for bakeries and shops, all expressing a truly Made in Italy quality, have successfully got the buyers interest. The event has also given ICHAM the chance to introduce Casa Italia to its Vietnamese and ASEAN buyers, where a majority of divers Italian products sold in Vietnam are shown. Italian quality firms such as Piaggio, Barilla, Maserati or Ariston have thus surrounded the B2B meeting, creating a truly Italian atmosphere.

Lifestyle made in Italy aims every year to tighten Italians firms business relations with Asian buyers. However, the event is not to consider only as a business opportunity. Indeed, Lifestyle made in Italy promotes the Italian quality, know-how and experience in the furniture, lifestyle and design, among Vietnam and its regional neighbors. Known worldwide for their high-quality design, their originality and their elegance, Italian products have been showcased for 2 days in this B2B event. Among the exhibitors there were some who had already connections and business with Asia or Vietnam, while for other Italian companies had their very first chance to discover the market opportunity in Asia. Emerging market such as the Asian ones, in particular Vietnam, have been found truly attractive for Italian furniture and design manufacturers. Lifestyle made in Italy has been a key step for Italian companies in the entrance of the Asian and Vietnamese market. The positive feedbacks received at the end of the event show a that business opportunity in Vietnam and interests in Italian quality is real. Local and regional buyers as well have expressed their happiness with the event, with some of them having start their very first business with Italy thanks to Lifestyle made in Italy.

ICHAM considers the event a success, while it aims to improve and continue to improve Italian-Vietnamese economic relations with further editions of Lifestyle made in Italy in future years. Our goal is to keep providing Italian entrepreneurs and companies important business opportunities, while promoting in Vietnam and Asia the well-know Italian quality and Made in Italy.

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On July 10th and 11th the second edition of Lifestyle made in Italy took place in Hanoi.

After the strong success of the first edition, which saw the participation of around 10 Italian exhibitors and many potential partners from Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, India and the UAE – Icham, with the support of the 11 Italian Chambers of Commerce in Asia, held the second edition at Hilton Hanoi Opera. In the event took part, together with Icham President Michele D’Ercole, the Italian Ambassador to Vietnam Cecilia Piccioni and the Head of Embassy Economic and Commercial Section, Antonio Tedesco.

As a proof of success, the 2018 edition was attended by a strongly higher number of companies compared to 2017: 18 exhibitors from Italy and 60 buyers from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, UAE e Vietnam.

This edition saw the presence of manufacturers belonging to diversified sectors, as living room furniture, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, working room for home, villa hotels, public spaces, intended both for medium and high level customers.

Lifestyle Made in Italy has the purpose of promoting Italian furniture and building materials in Asia in general and in Vietnam in particular. Indeed, with regards to furnishing, it is impossible not to mention Italian products that, thanks to their style, sophistication and originality, are well known throughout the world. Asia has been a key market for Italian furniture manufacturers for many years till now. In recent years, emerging markets like Vietnam are also increasing sales. In particular, in 2017, Vietnam imported $ 15.6 million and is expected to grow by 33% in 2018. What is more, Vietnam is the fourth largest exporter of wood products worldwide; the country in 2017 exported $ 7.604 million of wooden products, which means 6 per cent of the global timber and wooden furniture market.
Vietnam is considered a key gateway to Asian markets for Italian commercial investment because of its strategic geographic location which facilitates the connection with other countries in the region. In addition, thanks to the numerous regional free trade agreements recently signed , it is much easier for Italian enterprises to get access to other markets in the region once they enter Vietnamese market.
Indeed, inquiries from Italian companies who intend to explore Vietnam market and invest in this country are very frequents, showing that the interest about Vietnam’s investment opportunities is real.

ICHAM is proud of the event results, and it hopes that Lifestyle made in Italy will continue to provide manufacturers, importers, designers as well as real estate corporations with profitable business opportunities.

With the aim of promoting Italian furniture & building materials in Asia in general and in Vietnam in particular, on 12th and 13th October the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam organized the event “Lifestyle Made in Italy” at Hotel de l’Opera, Hanoi.

On two consecutive working days, 8 Italian companies had B2B meetings with about 45 potential partners from Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, India and the UAE. The event also welcomed the presence of the Italian
Ambassador to Vietnam Cecilia Piccioni and the Head of Commercial Department of the Italian Embassy Natalia Sanginiti.

Responding to the media, ICHAM President Michele D’Ercole said that Vietnam is considered a key gateway to Asian markets for Italian investment thanks to its strategic geographic location which facilitates the connection with other countries in the region. In addition, Vietnam has signed several important free trade agreements (FTA), including the FTA with South Korea and the one with Japan,  ASEAN Free trade Area (AFTA), and especially the EVFTA which is expected to take effect in 2018.  As a result, it will be easier for Italian products to get access to Vietnamese market and other countries in the continent.

From a business perspective, although Vietnam is seen as an emerging market, it still remains a difficult task to introduce Italian products in Vietnam. Therefore it is necessary to strengthen the promotion of “Made in Italy” products  in order to make them more  familiar to Vietnamese market.

The event received quite positive feedback from the Italian companies, which also showed their interest in the opportunties in investing in Vietnam. After this event, ICHAM will continue its mission in promoting “Made in Italy” by realizing other events and projects in the future.

Given the success of the first edition of “Lifestyle Made in Italy”, the second edition is expected to be organized in July 2018.