[Member News] FDI Company in Vietnam – Regulations on reporting and providing information about investment activities

According to Law on investment No. 61/2020/QH14 dated June 17, 2020, an FDI company shall submit quarterly and annual reports to investment registration authorities and local statistical agencies on the investment project execution, which specify:

  1. Investment capital,
  2. Investment results,
  3. Employees,
  4. Payment to government budget,
  5. Investment in R&D,
  6. Environmental protection,
  7. And other professional indicators.

Agencies, investors and business organizations shall make reports in writing via the National Investment Information System.

Penalties violations against regulations on reporting and providing information about investment activities in Vietnam

  1. A fine ranging from VND 30,000,000 to VND 50,000,000 shall be imposed for any of the following violations: Failure to comply with regulations on reporting investment activities or reporting investment activities behind prescribed schedule; Submitting an untruthful or inaccurate report on investment activities.
  2. Remedial measures: complete the investment supervision/assessment report if the violation specified.
  3. Postponed any procedures of amending of Investment Registration Certificate or Enterprise Registration Certificate (IRC, ERC).

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We offer free of charge –  one stop solution for 10 Members of ICham to manage the required reports for FDI companies, help the companies fully complied with local regulation, keep their good standing:

  1. Collect required papers and information regarding to the reports
  2. Prepare and complete the reports
  3. Identify any risk or violation, correction actions… especially any risks or violation on investment capital, charter capital, loans from overseas, foreign employees…
  4. Manage the reports – deadlines – related documents.
  5. Submit on behalf and create lawful compliance proofs
  6. Representative to manage and settle any query or requirement from the local competent state agencies for many years later.

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