Currently Three-Six-Year Logistics Joint Stock Company (365EXPRESS) has affirmed its position in the domestic and international express delivery market, especially the two major cities Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City , expressed by the fact that the annual turnover has grown clearly, the total turnover of the following year is 40% higher than the previous year . Therefore, we always focus on investing in high quality resources, professional training for staff of departments right from the signing of the contract with professional training courses. quarterly organized by the company, and also closely managed by the management to eliminate non-active members, to make the business environment in the company “ MORE PROFESSIONAL – SCHEDULE OF MORE 

365Express is proud of its dynamic, enthusiastic, professional and qualified staff. It is easy to see when you come to the office 365Express or contact via the channels: directly with the forwarder, by phone, our staff will always guide and provide customers Useful information with the most enthusiasm and intimacy. With the motto “every customer is a friend”, employees are aware of the opportunity to learn, improve their qualifications and skills in many areas. Thereby, the quality of human resources and work efficiency are enhanced, 365express scale is expanded.

Since its founding in 2006, 365 Express has continually strived to provide the best quality service in customs and domestic and international forwarding services. In our business activities, all of our activities and efforts are directed to Customers. We always try to do the best things to bring better and better services to our customers and partners, to provide effective solutions to save costs and time. 365 Express is committed to bringing the highest satisfaction, schedule, and best price to customers.