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Founded in 1977, today CAE is the Italian leader in designing, implementing and servicing multi-hazard monitoring and early warning systems and technologies.

In a time of climate change, CAE is at the forefront of the fight to reduce human vulnerability to the natural hazards, offering public and private institutions state-of-the-art systems to monitor environmental risks due to natural events.

Our focus:

Initially focused on hydro-meteorological monitoring, CAE systems are now being expanded to monitor a wider range of natural hazards. Thanks to robustness of components, expertise in project design, quality of installation, excellent remote and in-field maintenance programs and technical training, CAE turn-key systems ensure 100% data collection in real time.

Within its industry, CAE is the market leader in 15 administrative Regions of Italy and operates in several countries. Up to today, CAE provided more than 110 monitoring networks, more than 250 central operating units and about 5.600 automatic stations all around the world.

The challenge ahead is supporting the evolution of monitoring systems into Early Warning Systems. Once again CAE technology is ready, offering very unique features to support the transition, increase the capacity to use risk information and provide early warning dissemination.

Sectors: Water Management, Climate Change Adaptation, Natural Hazard Mitigation, Environmental Risk Reduction, Wildfire Prevention, Flood and Drought Relief.

Target Organizations: Civil Protection Agencies and Environment Protection Agencies both at National and Regional level; Land Management Bureaus at Municipal level, Hydro-Meteorological Agencies, Hydropower Energy Agencies; Water Management Agencies; oil companies with off-shore and inshore operations; etc.

Market leader in: Italy, Vietnam, Maldives.

International business network: Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Maldives, UAE & GCC countries, Zambia, Greece, Serbia, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia.

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