Established in 2001, Edson International is a coating and printing ink company located in Binh Duong, Vietnam. With over 20 years of experience manufacturing offset inks, can coatings, UV inks and UV coatings used in various food packaging, we established strong presence in Vietnam, Southeast Asian countries and Middle East. In 2020 we also added solvent based gravure and flexo inks to our portfolio. Edson International is privately owned company with 2 subsidiaries in Italy and is part of bigger group of companies with production facilities in Indonesia, Singapore, China, Philippines.

Customer satisfaction is always our primary focus. To achieve that we invested in state of art quality control facilities, which are constantly being upgraded to meet latest requirements.

Our main advantages are superior customer service and support, where we especially focus on fast response time, to support our customers with any technical problems that they may encounter.

Edson International carries out research and development in close cooperation with suppliers and customers, combining the experience of its technicians to develop products that match customer’s requirements and offer innovative solutions.

In recent years we developed many new products, like LED inks and coatings, cationic coatings, low migration UV products, etc. For the future our focus is to work on development of digital inks and environmental friendly options to replace some the current products.