Esanastri Viet Nam Co. ltd

Esanastri VN is a screen printing division for industrial and advertising decorations. It starts as a new division of Esanastri Italy which is operating on the market since more than 30 years…It is an International Company with specific know how, advanced technologies, focused on innovation and creativity. Quality is an integral part of the job. The adoption of a Quality Management System certified and audited according to ISO regulations and adopted by our mother company in Italy, ensures conform products, a high level of service and, thanks to the R&D function, a high capacity of products’ innovation… mainly in the automotive-motorcycle and helmets market … which are the main areas to which Esanastri VN referes to… Piaggio, Aprilia, Peugeot, Trenitalia, AGV, Shark, HJC, Nolan, KIA, Mazda, SYM, Gucci, Chicco are only an example representing some of the companies working with ESANASTRI.The production areas can be summarized as follows:

  • SCREEN PRINTING with high technology automatic machines with particular qualities of flexibility for industrial screen printing. It goes from the advertising adhesive decoration up to the industrial decorations by using materials guaranteed over 10 years;
  • RESIN DECORATION allowing a three dimensional effect, enhances the image and increases its resistance. It’s the answer to the quality needs of the brands that are highlighted with a three-dimensional effect where the quality is permanent;
  • KROMEX EMBLEMS in various geometrical shapes with a thickness never achieved before, with a soft hand and allowing a good fit on any surface, with very particular chromatic and aesthetic effects … from bright chrome up to screen printing with various colours and finishes
  • SLIDING WATER DECALS for helmets’ decoration for the main leaders in the worldwide market. In 2007 we qualified in this area as the world’s best screen printing company by winning the FESPA AWARD……

Business category: Silk screen printing, decorations, for industrial and advertising fields