Since we were established as a company in 1951, on the shores of Orta Lake, north part of Italy, water played a central role for us. We use it to heat and cool, we distribute and measure it, we work with it on a daily basis. Water means inspiration to us and stands for the ideal elements that help us to focus on human well-being. Due to the fact that our businesses started nearly 40 years ago in Asia, to better serve the local requirements, Giacomini first Representative Office was opened in 2001 in Beijing. In 2011 Giacomini Heating and Cooling Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd was founded with offices, laboratories, R&D and training center to support the Market and related Valued Partners all over the Area. Giacomini Asia – Pacific Headquarter, based in Hong Kong, was established in 2015 with related ownership of all our investment in the South East Asia and Mongolian market.

We are a manufacturing company with all our production premises based in Italy, only. Our factories are “our heart”. We work from raw materials with craftsman’s passion and skill, in order to create useful things for people and for society. Our product is our main focus, we know that our future depends on our ability to get it right and on our willingness to pursue innovation. Because of this, quality and innovation are our everyday mantra. Here are the six key business areas of our company:


Headquarter: GIACOMINI S.p.A. Via per Alzo39, San Maurizio d’Opaglio (NO) ITALY

Hong Kong Office: Unit A129, 16/F, Sun Life Tower, The Gateway, Harbour City, Kowloon, Hong Kong