Italian Atelier is a family-owned and -run, third-generation agency for luxury and design furniture. The president and CEO, Gianfranco Bianchi, founded the company in 2008.The family continued to expand the brands and territories. We are not a Typical Agency, at Italian Atelier we combine experience and know-how, fueled by passion. Our organisation is flexible and open to international markets. A reasonable number of clients and projects allows us to remain available for close cooperation and a tailored approach.

Today Italian Atelier is the fastest growing design and luxury furniture agency, featured in a list of the Top Agencies in the Asia-Pacific, with a diverse portfolio of brands. Our head office is in Italy, with additional offices in Singapore, Shanghai, Mumbai and other representatives throughout the Asia-Pacific. Italian Atelier is bringing taste and style to the design and luxury market. We offer our client the best European furniture brands. At Italian Atelier, we are focused on helping people live the luxury lives they want. We are a privately held company that places a high degree of value in luxury lifestyle. We offer an environment that attracts the best talent and reflects our commitment to our associates.