Kilpatrick is an international company founded in 1997 focused on People Solutions. The company is unique for its efficient and agile executive search methodology at a global level.

Today, more than 80 consultants are working from 6 hubs and 18 different locations in Europe, Asia and the Americas with its HQ in Lugano, Switzerland.

Kilpatrick is a leading expert in delivering the best experience to clients when there is a need to recruit abroad or when your candidate pool is outside your own country. Our client managers and consultants work cross-border as one team to ensure that the quality of work is consistent regardless of where the assignment takes place: one point of contact, one agreement and the same quality of service!

To address specialized and demanding industries such as manufacturing, logistics, aerospace & defense and digital technologies, Kilpatrick operates through 3 divisions, namely Kilpatrick Executive, Sky Hunters and Taskforce.

Kilpatrick Executive
Through headhunting we recruit executives for C-level and senior management positions.

Sky Hunters
Sky HunRecruitment and human capital development for the aviation and defense industries.

Every solution is Tailor-made: from recruiting 5.0 with the latest technologies to attract digitally focused positions – digital assessments – or even creating a global Team that will deliver critical hirings within a set period.