Representative office of KEDRION S.p.A in Ho Chi Minh city

Kedrion Biopharma is a dynamic and growing biopharmaceutical company, specializing in the development and production of plasma-derived products to address many serious, often rare, diseases and conditions.

Our portfolio includes, among others, therapies for Hemophilia, Primary Immunodeficiencies, and Rh sensitization as well as more widely used products like Albumin. Our interest in rare diseases and conditions is confirmed by our acquisition of Prometic and its new therapy for Congenital Plasminogen Deficiency.

Our headquarters are in Tuscany, Italy, where the company was founded and grew to become a significant partner to the Italian National Health System. Today it is one of the world leaders in the production of plasma-derived products which it distributes in some one hundred countries.

Working on a vertically integrated business model, Kedrion Biopharma is engaged on all aspects of the production of its products, from plasma collection to development and manufacturing cycles to distribution. We operate collection centers in the US and production plants in Italy, the United States, Canada and Hungary.

Kedrion’s partnership with the Italian Health System has resulted in unique expertise which we offer in support of countries and systems pursuing self-sufficiency in the availability of plasma-derived therapies.