Founded in 2009, Viettonkin Consulting  is a multi-disciplinary group of consulting firms headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam with offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong and strong presence through strategic alliances throughout Southeast Asia. Our firm’s guiding mission is aimed towards facilitating intra-ASEAN investments and connecting investors in Southeast Asia with the rest of the world, thus promoting international business relationships and strengthening inter-nation connections.

Since its inception, Viettonkin Consulting has been trusted by hundreds of entrepreneurs from overseas, Fortune Global 500 corporations and MNCs, VNR500 and VNR1,000, and even international NGOs to act as a professional consultant, service provider and local partner for their endeavours and ventures in Vietnam. The retention and continued engagement of these key evangelists reflect an incomparable degree of trust and satisfaction in our service quality. Over a short period of 09 years, we have succeeded in over 2,000 consulting projects both in Vietnam and overseas markets, as well as become an ongoing service provider for thousands of domestic and foreign investors, foreign capitalized enterprises and the like.