VINAxia S.r.l.


The company Vinaxia, is part of the Italian consulting firm Axia hrm.

The group is specialized in high level consulting services for people management topics in big organziations (recruiting, assessment, selection, compensation & benefits strategy, HR department development, organizational culture enhancements, performance reviews strategy). Company is composed by ex C-levels managers; ex decision makers coming from military environment.

The company is expert in providing premium recruiting services, adopting a different model than agency model: we use to design a project where we headhunt, select, assess each candidate based on the role model to represent for that position and that specific company on many different industries. Our assessment methodologies are partially digital and partially face to face, where we investigate in depth main personality traits of each candidate, we assess the critical and problem solving thinking with intelligence tests and we assess creativity and personal life context that might give a full picture of the persons. At the end of this we have a in depth interview on each candidate; we generate a shortlist of best fitting ones and we stand close to the company client to monitor and support the recruiting process.