Vietnam’s importing companies share the potential of the Vietnam market for Italian food products

In recent years, trends have revealed that the Vietnamese are growing interest in the Italian food product.

They choose the Italian restaurant or cook the Italian dishes at home by themselves. Pasta, tomato paste and olive oil are becoming popular in Vietnam from the new supermarket to the traditional market. What are the opportunities for Italian food products that are approaching a young and open market like Vietnam? Being among the best known import companies in Vietnam, Annam Fine Food and EU Food Vietnam – ICHAM members – will share some details and advice about the potential of Italian products in the Vietnamese market.

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Italian wine and the export potential to the Vietnamese market

The wine industry in Vietnam is booming, thanks to the huge variety of products from all over the world.

If we talk about wine, however, one of the most popular with Vietnamese customers is Italian wine. Alongside the growing demand for other Italian products, Italian wines enjoy a strong presence in this market. This fact offers great potential for the Italian business approaching new customers in Vietnam. How to build the best strategy for this specific product? We listen to the profound sharing of the representative of 2 prestigious wine importers in Vietnam.

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How to win the Vietnamese smart home market? Suggestions for Italian Brands

According to Statista Data, the smart home and smart living market in Vietnam recorded $ 83 million in revenue in 2019 and is forecast to reach $ 437 million by 2023, with an expected growth rate of 51.7. %.

This demonstrates the great potential of the market, which is becoming particularly popular with many young customers in Vietnam. Nowadays, when Italian smart home brands want to approach the Vietnamese market, they attract the attention of customers thanks to their reputation for product quality, design and features, as here the quality of Made in Italy is well known. However, they still face several challenges that can be easily avoided.

What to do to win? Let’s discover the precious sharing of Ms Hoa – The representative of VTD, VIMAR partner in Vietnam!

Vietnamese Human Resources Market Part 1 | Human resources trend for 2021

In recent years, Vietnam has become an attractive destination for many foreign investors, so the demand for recruiting has also increased rapidly. To better understand the Vietnamese job market and how to maximize opportunities for Italian businesses, we spoke with Ms. Nguyen Phuong Mai – Chief Executive Officer of Navigos Search – The first and leading recruiting agency for the past 19 years.

In this first installment of Human Resources, we will provide a general overview of the Vietnamese labor market in general, focusing on the trends in Vietnamese labor demand, giving advice on how Italian SMEs can approach Vietnamese talent, and observing new opportunities for Resources Human industry with the EVFTA. Watch our video!

Vietnamese Human Resources Market Part 2 | Understand Vietnamese talent better

Over 50% of the Vietnamese labor market is now made up of people aged between 15 and 29, the golden age ”; “10% of that population is actually classified as highly skilled labor”; Vietnam can provide applicants with “15 – 20 years of experience”; … Increasingly useful information on Vietnamese talent is shared by Ms Mai Nguyen – Chief Executive Officer of Navigos Search in the new episode of ICHAM Vietnam’s Talk With The Experts series.

Foreign investors can have a detailed portrait of Vietnamese talent and clearly understand who they are, what their trait is or where to find them. Don’t miss our new video now available!

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