Apr - Aug, 2021

Three Rounds


Italian cultures, especially Italian cuisine, has become more and more attached to the Vietnamese daily life. With that in mind, the idea of “Vào bếp kiểu Ý” contest (Italian Cuisine – Italian Style) comes up as a way to promote the Italian culture, to help communicate the beauty of the two cultures  and build strong relation between Vietnam and Italy. At the same time, the contest creates a cooperative space for cooks and food-enthusiasts to gather and share their love for cuisine.

After three years of constant success with more than 10 events promoting the Italian cuisine in Vietnam, through this contest, ICHAM hopes to deliver a new sensational, much more intriguing experience.

Who can join the contest?

  • Everyone of age 18 and above
  • Currently working and residing in Hanoi
  • Profound interests in gastronomy and in-depth knowledge of cooking, experience with Italian cuisine is a plus point

What are the prizes of the contest?

Who are the sponsors?

Ly Gia Vien Co., Ltd.

LÝ GIA VIÊN COMPANY LIMITED is an import & exclusive distributor in the food & beverage industry with more than 10 years of experience. We aim to bring the most advanced solutions for medium and large enterprises – from the best machines and equipments, to high quality food and cooking ingredients. Our product is an offer of harmonious blend between traditions and innovation that can help business archiving their goals.

We believe that Food is not only a means of survival, but rather an inspiration that lets you make positive changes and enrich your every experiences.

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Casa Rinaldi

Casa Rinaldi is born from the passion for the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and takes its name from the building of 1888 housing in his attic the old vinegar factory of the Rinaldi family, a place where time seems to stand still, here in several batteries and forty antique and valuable barrels slowly takes life the precious black gold of Modena is known throughout the world. Today Casa Rinaldi is a modern company that counts three locations in Italy, one in Florence (Tuscany) specializing in the bottling of extra virgin olive oil, and five abroad with a total turnover of 52 million euro…

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Malthop VN was founded in 2007 and is now one of the leading companies in the wine industry in Vietnam. The company specializes in importing different kinds of champagnes and wines from Italy, France, Spain, Chile, USA, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc., beers from Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Holland,… Malthop VN/WINECELLAR.vn is a reliable partner in importing and distributing premium wines, beers & spirits to all customers over the country. With over a collection of 1000 products including fine wines, beer and wine accessories, a professional consultant team and a system of 8 wine boutiques available in Ha Noi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh city, Malthop VN/WINCELLAR.vn offers the best wines, beers and significant wine accessories to customers all over Vietnam.

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Who are in the Board of Judges?

Top 20 of Qualifying Round

The Organizer has successfully chosen 20 individuals with excellence answers to go into the Semi-Final.

Top 6 of Semi-Final Round

After receiving contestants’ videos and images of their cooking process, Board of Judges has successfully chosen 6 individuals who portrayed great cooking techniques and deep understanding and passion for authentic Italian cuisine to go into the Finale.


The Final Round’s Result

Through their performance of cooking 2 recipes in a four-course menu set inspired by the Campania Cuisine, the Board of Judges has successfully chosen the winner of “Vao Bep Kieu Y” Contest with prizes as follows:

🥇️🥇 FIRST PRIZE: Nguyễn Trà Giang ️🥇️🥇
🥈️🥈 SECOND PRIZE: Phạm Bích Ngọc ️🥈️🥈
🥉️🥉 THIRD PRIZE: Lương Thị Hồng Loan và Lỗ Võ Bảo Lâm ️🥉️🥉
🏅️🏅 FORTH PRIZE: Lỗ Võ Bảo Anh và Đặng Nguyên Nhung ️🏅️🏅


Contact Information

Should you have any inquiries or need more information, please contact us via email officer3@icham.org (Ms. Ly) or call (+84) 24 3824 5997