VIMAR Arké socket switch lights up the charm of Giallo Dolomiti

Offer the luxury of simplicity. It is with this concept that we could summarize the philosophy of “Yellow and the spices of the Dolomites”, a recently opened accommodation facility in Pieve di Cadore, in the Belluno Dolomites.

A contemporary inn that aims to offer its guests an experience in the sign of full immersion in nature, with particular reference to the flowers, aromas and herbs of the most beautiful and famous mountains in the world, so much so that declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Inside as well as outside the structure, are those natural elements that contribute to making the Alpine area unique.
The structure, built by Rubner on a project by Manlio Olivotto architect, is a bio-architecture complex in wood with renewable energy sources powered by biomass and photovoltaics. Wood, natural building element, is used for everything possible: structure, coverings, furnishings and even the chandeliers.


It is among this noble material that a detail that makes the difference stands out: the contemporary design of the Arké series by Vimar. Chosen in the Classic version, with its rational geometry, linear profile and sharp corners, this series is stripped of any superfluous decoration, defining a new model of energy. The material chosen in this case is metal with a total look Polar finish, worked with attention to the finishes typical of Vimar’s style and treated with eco-friendly procedures. Designed in the present for the future, Arké fits perfectly into this context where simplicity is the real added value. Surrounded by the plates, buttons and controls – characterized by a pleasant double rounded shape – they blend perfectly with the sobriety of light tones of larch wood walls, creating a combination that further enhances the space around them.

In addition to their design, Vimar devices have been chosen because they allow you to precisely control and manage lighting and electricity of all spaces, while guaranteeing functionality and comfort in the name of made in Italy design and technology.

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