VMARK DESIGN VOICES #1 – Hospitality Interior Design Trends 2022 & Market Overview

To kick off the VMARK Vietnam Design Week 2022, VDAS|VMARK and GROHE have successfully hosted the VMARK DESIGN VOICES Summit on March 31, 2022 featuring the topic “Hospitality Interior Design Trends 2022 and Market Overview.”

The summit “Design Voices #1″ – hosted by VDAS|VMARK and co-organized by GROHE, which is composed by 8 experts from the hospitality, real estate, interior design, architecture, shared about the following key topics:

  • Overview of the hospitality market and trends in interior design in the current hospitality industry.
  • After the Covid-19 pandemic caused great difficulties in the tourism and recreation industries around the world, what direction should interior designers take to develop their own homes? “Design for Life” for tourism – recreation after recovery from the pandemic?

With the participance of top designers and developers in the hospitality industry, the event received enthusiastic questions and involvement during two panel discussions.

ICHAM is proud to be a supporter of sustainable development, of VDAS, and of the design community in Vietnam. We look forward to many more events organized during the VMARK Vietnam Design Week 2022.

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