[Co-host] Your Well-being During COVID-19 Lockdowns

These days are certainly testing and we hear of many people who are struggling due to lockdowns, home schooling, working from home and concerns about changing labor laws.

All of these issues are putting more stress on our physical and mental well-being. AusCham is hosting a webinar to speak about these issues.


Paul Simos
Executive Coach / International Health Coach – Big Vision Life Coach

Certified NLP Trainer/ Master Coach. “Mindfulness for yourself and those around you; how can you find the inner peace and happiness to make it through”. Paul is an Accomplished Executive Life Coach, Health Coach, Author and NLP Certified Trainer. He has a fundamental belief about his clients which frames how they work together i.e. they already have everything they need to achieve success. His role as coach is to stimulate and challenge his clients to unlock their successful beliefs, skills and behavior patterns. Paul continues to study and research in Coaching and NLP, his passion is helping others to excel their life through Coaching, Developing and Training. Paul has been working with many clients (individuals and companies) on different training & coaching programs.

Janak Vadgama
Mental Health Counsellor and Psychologist

I’m a British Mental Health Counsellor and Psychologist who has lived and worked in South East Asia since 2005. I see clients for many different reasons, such as depression and anxiety, suicidal feelings, trauma, finding meaning and purpose in life, cultural adjustment, and simply ‘needing someone to talk to’. I’m very happy to see clients from any cultural background, as long as they can speak English. My approach is existential and client-centred. My goal is not to direct or advise my clients, but rather to collaborate with them to help them to discover the possibilities personally available to them, and support them to find a more contented way to be themselves through making their own choices and changes. To do this, I try to understand how my clients see themselves and the world around them in order to help them to better grasp their problems, gain new perspectives and self-empowerment, and find their own solutions or ways of moving forward.

Gemma McGuinness
Performance Nutritionist – MSc Sport & Exercise Nutrition

“Nutrition, diet and healthy balanced eating for a better physical future”. Gemma McGuinness is a registered nutritionist on the UK Associate for Nutritionists register (AfN) and the UK Sport and Exercise Nutrition register (SENr) and has been in the fitness and nutrition industry for the past 7 years as an Irish International soccer player and competing in numerous fitness competitions. She has worked with people to improve their body composition, overall health and those looking to improve their sporting performance with an evidence based approach. With a BSc (Hons) with DPP in Food & Nutrition and a Masters degree in Sport and Exercise nutrition, Gemma not only has the education to help you reach your goals, but also the passion and compassion to ensure your program is individualised and tailored to suit your needs. Her approach to nutrition coaching aims to educate and empower her clients providing them with the tools to ensure they can not only achieve their goals but maintain them.

Simon Fraser
Executive Director – AusCham Vietnam

Simon Fraser is the current Executive Director of the Australian Chamber of Commerce Vietnam and is located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Simon has been living and working in Vietnam for 14 years in General and Operations Management across media, BPO, RPO and Recruitment industries. He has spent almost 18 years working across the Asia Pacific region and has a deep cultural understanding of living and doing business in one of the most populated regions on the globe. Originally from Melbourne Australia, Simon was educated at University of Melbourne and holds a Degree in Business Management & Marketing. He commenced with AusCham Vietnam in May 2019 with a focus on sponsorship, memberships, engagement with local and Australian business by open dialogue and communication.

Date: August 19th, 2021
Event Time: 10:00 – 11:00
Fee: FOC
Location: Zoom platform