[Supported event] VDAS Webinar “Build Brand Identity for Local Tourism”

After the pandemic is gradually reaching the end, many tourist activities have been starting to kick off after a long time being frozen. In the context of Vietnam being one of the most desired destinations, not only to local people, but also foreigners worldwide, the big question mark for each tourism region is – How to successfully raise their brand recognition to distinguish itself from others iconic attractions such as Ninh Binh, Phu Quoc? Which branding strategy and design logic can successfully attract customers and build brand identity for local tourism.

These inquiries will be the topic of this webinar – BUILD BRAND IDENTITY FOR LOCAL TOURISM – which is one of the launching events for the Logo Design and Tourism Slogan for Con Dao Island by VDAS to promote tourism at Con Dao Island.

With the professional host of Ms. Diep Nguyen – Lecturer at Architecture University and technical sharings from Mr. Binh Phan – MFA Communication Design at Academy of Art University/Founder Bold Creative Lab and Ms. Danh Tran – Vice President at VDAS Design Association, VDAS promises to bring practical insights and knowledge of the industry
withdrawn from many years of experience to our young and aspiring attendees.