From 20:00, October 23, 2019

Soul Live Project Complex – 216 Pasteur, D.3, HCMC

Ticket available here:

REGULAR: 250,000 VND

STUDENT: 150,000 VND

“How important the body language is to share emotions, because the body doesn’t lie” – Luca Vullo. 


This October 23rd, Amberstone Media and Italian Consulate in HCMC proudly present LA VOCE DEL CORPO – THE VOICE OF THE BODY, an amusing show performed by Luca Vullo and his mother – Mrs. Angela Gabriele, about the extraordinary skill of the Italian people to communicate without words but using only the body language.


Coming to THE VOICE OF THE BODY, audience can explore multiple meanings and different ways to use the typical gestures in Italy to express feelings, emotions, thoughts and moods. An original interactive journey rich of hilarious anecdotes between stereotypes, history, language, culture, science and emotional intelligence. The show compares several countries highlighting linguistic differences and of using one’s own body to express itself and shows us, with great utility, the possible intercultural misunderstandings that can occur in different parts of the world.


Written, directed and performed by Luca Vullo, this is a funny interactive workshop about Italian gestures, a cultural event, a scientific conference, and overall an entertaining theatrical show that provides participants with better understanding of human being and put more attention to the importance of non-verbal communication!


The show will be in Italian with Vietnamese translation.




Author, director and producer of cinema and theatre, Luca Vullo is a performer and communication coach based in London. As an ambassador for Italian gestures in the world, Luca for many years has worked with prestigious Universities, Italian Cultural Institutes, Dante Alighieri Societies, Companies, Cultural Associations, Essay Writer Service and Schools in different parts of the world (America, Europe, Asia, Oceania) to hold, as a body language expert, workshops, lectures, team building, master classes, scientific conferences and events.


He is an expert of Italian gestures and nonverbal communication, Luca Vullo wrote and directed a documentary titled “La Voce del Corpo” (The Voice of the Body) in 2011. According with the author, “La Voce del Corpo” is fundamental to study the hand gestures and facial expressions of people to understand their culture and their mentality and in particular of Italians.


 Among the important collaborations, mention must be made of the one with the Royal National Theater of London, as a Sicilian gestural coach for the show “Liolà” by Pirandello, directed by Riald Eyre and the collaboration with BBC 2 in the role of Consultant for the “See Hear” program and his participation as an artist-in-residence at Mills College in Oakland, California, for teaching Italian non-verbal communication at the Summer School.