[Supported Partner] Design Voices | Hospitality- F&B with the theme of “When Luxury Meets Sustainability”

On April 7, 2023, the Design Voices | Interior #3 | Hospitality – F&B event took place in a dynamic atmosphere, providing professional perspectives by experts and opening up opportunities for the design community to understand the background and updated trends of the Hospitality – F&B industries.

At the event, architect Tran Khanh Trung – Chairman of TTT Architects shared: “The hospitality industry is trending towards prioritizing the use of sustainable and environmentally-friendly products while also providing new and unique experiences for customers.”

According to Mr. Ho Tan Duong, Chairman of the VDAS DESIGN ASSOCIATION, HCMC | VIETNAM: “Sustainability is the key to unlocking environmentally-friendly development and promoting sustainable economic growth. A good product or architectural design with sustainability features is one that ensures friendliness, fuel efficiency, and the ability to recycle and minimize waste to the environment. Designers play a pioneering role in applying technology to create innovative sustainable solutions, especially in the Hospitality – F&B industries, which play a crucial role in the sustainable economic development.”

To reconcile sustainability and luxury, designers need to possess a creative and innovative mindset while understanding the needs of their customers. At Design Voices | Interior #3 | Hospitality – F&B, the design community has learned how to convert to using environmentally friendly materials and harness renewable energy to attract high-end customers and increase competitiveness for businesses.

Incorporating cultural elements into architectural structures also helps customers learn more about local culture and national history, while creating a sustainable relationship between brand and customer. This is the element that helps brands honor and preserve the precious values of their nation’s culture.

In the design and architecture industry, F&B is also an area that requires investment in space innovation, as the success of a brand is not only dependent on the quality of food or service but also on the quality of the environment. According to Patricia Marques, the General Manager of Cafe Starbucks – Viet Idea Food & Beverages: “A quality and engaging space with customers is one that incorporates cultural elements into modern architectural structures. This combination will create projects with a unique brand identity in the hearts of customers, as well as providing unique cultural experiences, allowing customers to define their cultural identity while exploring many different cultural aspects.”

In addition, by attending the Design Voices | Interior #3 | Hospitality – F&B event, the design community also has the opportunity to connect with many reputable businesses through networking activities or exhibition areas displaying products in the fields of Hospitality – F&B.

The event is honored to be accompanied by Vasta Stone – the first luxury sintered stone brand in the market proudly made in Vietnam, along with the support of the leading global brand in bathroom and kitchen solutions – GROHE from Germany, and the Silver sponsor MOEN – the number one sanitary equipment brand in the United States (US), as well as the participating booths and the cutting performance of ocean tuna from the Takumi-tei restaurant, which successfully concluded the program in a complete manner.

More information about VMARK Vietnam Design Award 2023

The VMARK Vietnam Design Awards is one of the creative events sponsored by VDAS Design Association | HCMC – Vietnam. With the desire to continue elevating and promoting the development of the design industry in Vietnam, VMARK has chosen the theme “Shaping Vietnam’s Creative Image” for 2023 with many activities to help the design community update new trends and development directions.

The Design Voices event series covers topics related to Sustainability | Technology | Vietnamese culture in creative design, interior design, fashion and branding in Vietnam. 


The VMARK Vietnam Design Award is part of the Creative Events series empowered by. VDAS DESIGN ASSOCIATION, HCMC | VIETNAM with the aim of elevating and encouraging the development of the design industry in Vietnam, VMARK has chosen the theme “Shaping Vietnam’s Creative Image” for 2023, with various activities to help the design community update new trends and directions for development.

  • The Design Voices event series covers topics related to Sustainability, Technology, and Vietnamese culture in the fields of Creative design, Interior design, Fashion, and branding in Vietnam.
  • Valedictorian Design Award Campaign 2023 event is dedicated to students who love the field of design and architecture. 
  • VMARK Vietnam Design Week 2023.