VMARK VIETNAM DESIGN WEEK 2023: Connecting the Design Community – Shaping Vietnam’s Creative Image

The VMARK Vietnam Design Week 2023 event is organized for the fourth time at the GEM Center, hosted by the VMARK Vietnam Design Awards, sponsored by the VDAS Design Association | HCMC . Vietnam, and strategic partnership with Vasta Stone – the first premium sintered stone brand in Vietnam. The event is a platform to honor Vietnam’s creative design industry and serves as an opportunity to connect Vietnam’s creativity with the international design community. VMARK is honored to be accompanying ICHAM, a leading international media partner of the event.

On October 10th and 11th, the VMARK Vietnam Design Awards 2023 successfully honored the top 33 outstanding design projects, carefully selected from over 700 submissions by talents from both domestic and international backgrounds. This recognition was part of the VMARK Vietnam Design Week event, the largest of its kind in the field of design in Vietnam, featuring a diverse range of activities including exhibitions, summits, business networking, and culminating in a grand Gala award ceremony.

(President of the Ho Chi Minh City Design Association – Mr. Ho Tan Duong, Founder of the VMARK Vietnam Design Awards – Ms. Tran Ngoc Danh, along with international judges and special guests, cutting the ribbon to inaugurate the VMARK Vietnam Design Week 2023)

The event welcomed more than 2,000 attendees, including distinguished guests from consulates, experts, professors, designers, architects, project investors, brands, top-level executives, and international design and architectural organizations from around the world, as well as media agencies. They gathered to share their joy with the domestic and international design community.

(VMARK Vietnam Design Week 2023 attracted over 2,000 high-profile participants)

Highlighting the Achievements of VMARK Vietnam Design Week 2023: The VMARK Design Exhibition successfully showcased numerous premium furniture and lifestyle brands within its luxurious and sophisticated venue. The International Design Summit, along with four lively discussion forums, attracted over 1,000 high-profile guests and 200 professors, lecturers, and students from various universities. Especially noteworthy was the VMARK Design Awards Ceremony 2023, which achieved remarkable success by honoring over 33 outstanding and innovative design projects, providing strong motivation to propel Vietnamese design onto the global stage.

The International Design Summit at VMARK Vietnam Design Week 2023 was not just a platform for discussing new design ideas and trends; it was a meeting of minds and souls. With the participation of more than 30 speakers from various countries worldwide, the four  sessions created an environment where experts and design enthusiasts came together to share knowledge, exchange opinions, and establish crucial connections.

The Grand Gala Awards Ceremony of the VMARK Vietnam Design Awards 2023 was the shining highlight of the event, dedicated to honoring outstanding design projects and products, serving as a catalyst for the development of the Vietnamese design industry. With over 700 submissions from many countries worldwide, this year VMARK was immensely honored to present awards to the top 33 exceptional projects at the final night, including 13 gold awards, 18 silver awards, and 6 international awards. Notably, the participation of several international projects from beyond Vietnam’s borders added a special dimension to the event. This achievement marks a significant milestone for the Vietnamese design industry, demonstrating the vision and strength of the growing design community.

Representing the VDAS Design Association | HCMC . Vietnam and serving as the Head of the VMARK Vietnam Design Week 2023 organizing committee, Mr. Ho Tan Duong, President of VDAS, shared these words during the closing Gala of the largest design event of the year:

“As one of the founders and leaders of VMARK and the VDAS Design Association HCMC . Vietnam, I have had the opportunity to meet numerous partners and colleagues in the design industry, especially our global counterparts. All of them have supported and bolstered the path we are paving. Together, we are building a platform for connection and amplifying the voice of the design community in Vietnam. We share, connect, honor professional design talents, and nurture the younger generation of designers. It’s our collective effort to provide more opportunities for creative design projects that contribute significantly to the nation’s overall economic development, fostering sustainable growth for our society. This serves as a tremendous driving force, instilling in us the confidence that the Vietnamese design industry has been successful, is currently thriving, and will continue to grow stronger in the future.”

(Mr. Ho Tan Duong – President of the VDAS Design Association, and a few words of speech)

VMARK Vietnam Design Week 2023 has excellently achieved its annual objective, establishing a platform for the global connection of the Vietnamese design community, facilitating knowledge exchange, collaboration, and development, in line with this year’s theme – “Shaping Vietnam’s Creative Image “. This event demonstrated that within the diverse landscape of Vietnam’s design industry, each idea possesses a unique personality, full of color and potential. Beyond being just an event, this was a meaningful journey where Vietnamese creativity was nurtured and flourished, where every idea held value and received recognition. We take pride in accompanying the design community, elevating Vietnamese creativity to international standards, marking a remarkable milestone for the VDAS Design Association in organizing high-quality events, fostering connections among designers annually, and positioning Vietnam in a new global perspective.

VMARK is honored to have Vasta Stone, the first luxury sintered stone brand in Vietnam, as our esteemed co-strategic partner. Together, we are forging an impressive partnership for the “VMARK Vietnam Design Week 2023” event. This signifies a pivotal milestone, continuing the esteemed series of events dedicated exclusively to the design realm. With Vasta Stone’s exceptional expertise and a shared commitment to achieving excellence, we firmly believe that this collaboration will elevate the event to unprecedented heights, delivering exceptional value to the global design industry.

VMARK sincerely thanks its sponsors: Platinum Sponsors – GROHE & LG, Gold Sponsors – Okamura Vietnam, Nippon Paint & ACTIU, and many other brands who partnered with “VMARK Vietnam Design Week 2023.” Their support paved the way for vibrant activities and fostered connections among major businesses both domestically and internationally. Together, we successfully honored the most outstanding design projects of the year.

Organizational Information

The VDAS Design Association | HCMC . Vietnam is an organization that connects the creative design community in Vietnam. Its mission is to promote the development and honor the creative industry, guiding the national creative industry to connect globally.

The VMARK Vietnam Design Awards is an annual creative award aiming to establish a platform to honor innovative ideas and breakthrough creativity across various design fields such as interior design, architecture, lifestyle products, fashion, graphics, and more. It also fosters partnerships among stakeholders in related industries connected to the design field.


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